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All Commercial Building requirements might be different and we will prepare a Maintenance Plan to meet specific needs.

Preventive Maintenance advantages:

* Best performance by Maintaining, Servicing or Repairing small things before they translate into a more expensive repairs.

* Longer useful life of equipment with scheduled visits to apply Preventive Maintenance  and reduce down time.

* Better Building operation while anticipating your AC equipment needs.

* Peace of mind that AC equipment is ready to operate as expected when needed.

* Increased employee productivity.

Preventive Maintenance Plan  includes  Two Maintenance Visits per year to inspect and advise any needed repairs (To be done upon customer's approval)

Maintenance Inspection :

Wiring Connections, Contacts, Voltage Reading / Compressors, Voltage Reading / Fan Motors, Amperage Reading / Compressors, Amperage Reading / Fan Motors, Fan Relays, Circuit Breakers,  Motor Belt tension, Crank Case Heaters, Air Filters, Limit Switches, Dust off Electrical Components, Condensate Drain Pan, Drain Pipes, Visual Inspection Evaporator Coil, Visual Inspection  Condenser Coil, Oiling Ports Lubrication, Refrigerant Pressure-Temperature Readings, Superheat and Sub-Cooling readings.

We offer a complete service for Commercial Heating and Cooling applications

We have the expertise and training to Install, Service and Repair most major brands of Air Conditioning  equipment , to meet your specific requirements.

We understand the importance to have your AC system up and running again as soon as possible after you call.

For questions please contact us:

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