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Preventive Maintenance Plan Includes Two Maintenance Visits per year to inspect and advise any needed repairs (to be done upon customer's approval)

Maintenance Inspection:

Wiring connections, Contacts, Voltage Reading / Compressor, Voltage Reading / Fan Motor, Amperage Reading/ Compressor, Amperage Reading / Fan Motor, Fan Relays, Circuit Breakers, Capacitors, Fan Blades, Dust off Electrical Components, Visual Inspection Evaporator Coil, Visual Inspection Condenser Coil, Check for proper Refrigerant Pressure-Temperature Readings, Air Flow at Diffusers.  

For questions please contact us:

          TACLB11176E                                                 956-648-1417                              


    Regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation,

PO Box 12157 Austin TX  78711.         1-800-803-9202,      512-463-6599

We Sell, Service, Repair and install most major brands of Air Conditioning equipment to meet specific Residential conditions,

Preventive Maintenance Advantages:

* Improved comfort and lower electricity bills by maintaining, servicing or repairing promptly your AC equipment.

* Longer useful life of equipment with scheduled visits to apply preventive maintenance while detecting and correcting problems before they translate into more expensive repairs or unexpected failures.

* Get the best results from your AC equipment.

* Service and maintenance can be scheduled at your convenience.